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“Click Click Boom”

Soooo you finally found  The Official Tristan Manas Work Portfolio!  This was bound to happen and it’s full pack of Tristan’s epic solid body of work. Now since you’re here you definitely need to check some of his Photography and Film work. It’s a must… I recommend it!

Tristan’s creative work varies from the serious commercial work (Fashion Catalogue/Artist promo/Event Filming), Freelance work (Weddings/Music Video/Model Shoots) to the more artistic experimental projects. Tristan and his legendary team at Project 628 (his very own Creative Media Company) could work with you on your next big project whatever that maybe.

Feel free to contact us and have a chat with what’s on your mind. We’ll do our best and see how we can make it work for you. Just fill in the details on the contacts page and we would get back to you before you can say Bazinga.  It doesn’t matter if it’s filming an event or covering your wedding we will be there. We could even possibly offer creative ideas and give you more options on how we can make your project happen.


Project 628

PROJECT 628 is a Creative Media Production House started by Tristan. They aim to create Short Films, Music, Promo, Doco video, film Events, and more. Its a “one stop shop” that creates media for marketing, promotion, event and advertising companies.

Its a media house that is rapidly growing and steering towards a bright creative future.

Latest Blog

Tristan’s creative spill and a bit of wish wash blabbery about photography, film and the rest of the creative arts. Have a read and you might find it interesting even learn a thing or two about film and photography. Also critique sessions basing on Tristan’s own style and technique.

If you want to ask any photography and film question or have your worked critique constructively feel free to contact Tristan on the contacts page.


Tristan tries to be sociable so why not Like/Follow/View/Link him around these places.